Monday, August 23, 2010

SPESIFIKASI BMW Terbaru | 335i, 320i dan 135i

Bayerische Motoren Werke, or better known as BMW, adding another three models it markets in Indonesia, the 335i and 320i kupe and 135i.

"Series 3 kupe intended for personal need to be different," said Ramesh Divyanathan, President Director of PT BMW Indonesia when launching the car at the Grand Hotel Indonesia Kempiski. Because of that, the transplanted engine for this car try 3.000cc, 6-cylinder, twin turbochargers and direct injection (for the 335i and 135i). This is the same engine used in 535i. While for the 320i, using four-cylinder engine, 2000 cc.

320i is expected to reach consumers further down again, particularly those who are not too dizzy with energy yet still look stylish. Therefore, from these three new kupe, 320i lowest price. The full, 335i sold under USD 1088 million, 135i and 320i Rp808 million, Rp778 million (all off-road) in Jakarta.

Especially for the 335i and 135i, leather wrapped wheel, equipped with multifunction buttons to operate the plus paddle shift gear manually. Transmission is used, seven-speed automatic with double clutch.

With paddle shift, acceleration capability can be accelerated (no need to wait stepped on the gas pedal and hold to move the teeth). Fuel consumption is also a diirit since the car could glide on the middle and round rendan because teeth can be moved higher position.

Completeness is another sport seat design that can be adjusted by simply pushing the button (electric), both for driver and passenger. Special 335i, using the Harman Kardon audio system (surround sound) with 13 speakers and a 420W amplifier.

Other equipment, the latest generation iDrive, 8-inch LCD screen that can be enabled as a TV, play DVDs or connected with USB and bluetooth. Other features, adaptive headlight, comfort access system and electric glass roof.

There are also hill start assistant (special 335i and 135i) that allows the driver to work when stopped at a hill. With these features, if you want the road, the driver does not need to rush the gas pedal to prevent the car back. More precisely, it prevented the car backwards!

Equipped 320i six-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. There's also the iDrive, 8-inch monitor with a TV and DVD functions on the dashboard, connect the USB, bluetooth and audio with 180 watt amplifier and eight speakers.

Safety equipment supplied to third this kupe airbags for driver and front passenger, active headrest, dynamic braking lights, Dynamic Stability Control with ABS, Cornering Brake Control, Dynamic Traction Control and Run Flat Tires.

Especially for the 135i, because the same engine and transmission with the 335i (and 535i), a compact kupe very powerful in its class!

Specifications 335i, 320 and 135i Kupe
Dimensions (mm) 335i 320i 135i
Length 4612 4612 4360
Width 1782 1782 1748
Height 1392 1395 1408
Wheelbase 2760 2760 2660
Automatic transmission,
7 acceleration,
dual clutch automatic,
Steptronic automatic,
7 acceleration,
double clutch
Inline six-cylinder type,
Twin-turbo four-cylinder inline slinder 6,
Twin turbo
Capacity 3000 cc 2000 3000
Power max. PS @ rpm 306@5.800 156@6.400 306@5.800
Torque max. Nm @ rpm 400@1.200-5.000 2000@3.600 400@1.200-5.000
Fuel Consumption km / l 11.9 12.3 10.8
0-100 km / h (seconds)
5.5 9.7 5.2
Size of tires and wheels
225/45R17 front and rear
255/40R17 225/45R17 215/40R18


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