Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ABT KTM X-Bow Super Fast Car

abt_ktm_xbow_photoshootDashing like a jet and look like a Transformer, the ABT KTM X-Bow coming in such agility, lightness and speed on the road. Credit goes to the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer company that has made a tweak of the 2.0-liter TFSI and finally came up with specie walk faster.

The KTM X-Bow ABT provides powerful 300hp (221kW), which is the encouragement from the standard 240hp (179kW) and made possible by an increase in tune to the 2.0L TFSI engine. It is capable raced to 62mph (100km / h) in 3.9 seconds making variants ABT faster.

abt_ktm_xbow_photoshoot_turingABT will be more than just a song genre of sports cars, but also will serve to sell and service the X-Bow in Germany as a partner KTM official outlet for the car. They are extreme would be happy with what ABT-KTM X-Bow can offer because it has been experiencing a lot of sticking and prying by German tuning company. Do not worry about the name, it might sound like a robot but come to think of t; car looks like its name.


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