Thursday, February 10, 2011

New 2012 BMW 3 Series Review

Next generation BMW 3 Series is due out in 2012 and the car will be unveiled later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The rendering masters at Schulte Design take a chance and attempt to “draw” the lines of the next F30 3 Series.

Built on a new modular platform, the F30 3er models, returns to the “slimmer look”, dynamic lines with squat proportions and short rear overhangs. The typical proportions of a 3 Series remain, but the exterior design is more toned and muscular, bringing some the aggressiveness and design lines seen in the recent models, including the F10 5 Series.

BMW is getting back to basics with clean uncluttered shapes, plus lower and wider kidney grille openings. The sedan model has a longer wheelbase, at least 1.5″ longer than the current generation. The F30 will sport a “pushing nose”, somewhat similar to the E89 Z4 front-end.

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