Monday, January 31, 2011

News 2011 Toyota Avensis With Latest Reviews and Prices
2011 Toyota Avensis This is the new, leaner, greener Avensis. With new, more powerful, and higher revving, yet more economical, lower emission petrol engines, while diesel engines develop more torque at lower revs to give better real world economy.
2011 Toyota Avensis
It looks a bit like the latest Corolla Altis, as seen in Bangkok with a welcome red taxi light. Instead of the old bullnose of the previous Avensis, Yaris, Aygo and Hilux, it has acquired a facsimilie of the front of the larger Camry. Not exactly like the Altis, though. The English built Avensis has a bigger grille extending all the way to the front end of the bonnet.

Toyota Avensistoyota avensis 2007Toyota Avensis BTCC 2011
Anyone wanting to sell cars in Europe now has to meet an overall fleet average of 130g/km CO2 by 2012. On current projections, helped by the ultra low emitting IQ and Aygo, Toyota is on course for 140g/km in 20011, so, along with Honda, is better placed than most to meet the 130g/km limit without incurring EC fines.


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