Monday, February 28, 2011

Bmw F30 Nice Review

The next generation F30 BMW 3 Series shows up again in the front of the lens of spy photographers, but this time, the test mule are revealing slightly more design details. As expected, the new 3er gets a full LED treatment.

At the front, the white Corona ring headlights seem to be slightly longer than the current model with the side indicators placed just underneath the main “character line”. In the back, LED taillights are still mostly covered and the final design and shape are still a guessing game. (More photos at WCF)

The test mule spotted also features the “usual” LED strips in the side mirrors, a common element in early prototypes. But this time, the BMW insider Scott27 states that due to upcoming legislations both in the US and Europe, the side indicators need to be placed higher and more visible. Without a second source to confirm this, we will label it as a rumor for now.

Bmw F30Bmw F30 3 Series
Bmw F30Bmw F30
Bmw F30Bmw F30 Photo
Bmw F30Bmw F30
Bmw F302012 Bmw 3 Series

We learned in the past that the new 3 Series is built on a new modular platform and design wise, it returns to the “slimmer look”, dynamic lines with squat proportions and short rear overhangs. The typical proportions of a 3 Series remain, but the exterior design is more toned and muscular, bringing some the aggressiveness and design lines seen in the recent models, including the F10 5 Series. An expected move seen across the new BMW design language.

BMW is getting back to basics with clean uncluttered shapes, plus lower and wider kidney grille openings. The sedan model has a longer wheelbase, at least 1.5″ longer than the current generation. The F30 will sport a “pushing nose”, somewhat similar to the E89 Z4 front-end.

BMW will live under the umbrella of EfficientDynamics, and technologies like aerodynamically designed wheels, solar roof panel for extra energy efficiency in the use of interior controls, brake energy regeneration , stop-start technology, and pre-heating technology for the engine, gearbox and differential, will be incorporated into the new model.

Next generation 3-series engine options will include a full range of turbo and naturally aspirated 6-cylinder motors, 4-cylinder motors, and possibly even a new 3-cylinder motor.

The all-star BMW M3 will continue to sport the aggressive and super sporty bodystyle we have seen in the past. The new M3 will also feature a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine producing somewhere around 450 horsepower.


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