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Success Car Insurance Claims filed

No need to worry about the compensation procedure or insurance claims that said some people a bit convoluted. Perhaps it also makes you afraid for insurance. Though accidents, damage, and auto theft can happen to anyone, including you. Therefore, it is important to protect it by insuring the vehicle to a trusted insurance companies.

Here are some steps that can be done to launch and success of car insurance claims that you add:

1. Check the condition of the vehicle
If you have an accident, immediately pulled over to a safe place to check the condition of the vehicle. If any party injured, immediately contact authorities to help follow up the case of an accident. After that, make sure to exchange data and information with third parties involved in an accident, such as name, address, contact details and name of insurance company each. Do not forget to record the number of car and police vehicles, as well as contact numbers witnesses (if any).

2. Do not disconnect liable
And whatever you do, do not claim responsibility for the incident before being found guilty by the authorities, and do not offer to pay compensation to third parties prior to approve it because the insurance company can cancel your insurance claim. However, if the third party claimed responsibility for the incident, then it can be a profitable note. Create a letter accompanied by a written agreement with the stamp.

3. Take pictures of objects in the scene
If you have a camera or camera phone, use to take some pictures from the accident scene. Take close-ups from different angles showing the shooting damage to the vehicle. Record the time and the scene of the accident.

4. Report of insurance company
Report the incidence of accidents to the insurance company as soon as you experience it. You may be asked to relate details of the accident and filing a claim form. Each insurance company has its own policy on this matter. Generally, claims filing deadline no later than 3x24 hours after the incident, equipped with a number of supporting documents such as copies of vehicle registration, driver's license, insurance policies, and other documents.

5. Police
If you experience vehicle vandalism by the hands of ignorant or stolen, or an accident that occurred not because of your negligence (such as driving over the speed limit or under the influence of alcohol), then report the matter to the police to obtain a certificate or official report police.

6. Possible pay
Prior to making an insurance claim, remember that you probably will have to pay some costs, especially if the accident occurred due to your mistake. Therefore, do check in advance about what costs should be paid to re-read the insurance policy document, or directly contacting your insurance company.

However, if the incident occurred through no fault of you, or the claim is resolved by a third-party insurance company, then no charge should you spend.

7. Filing claims
After the claims filed, would have sent officers to check the insurance company the damage. If the vehicle needs repairs, the insurance company will appoint a specific repair shop to fix it. However, it is also possible that you as the insured party suggested another garage. But the claim filing process usually can last longer, especially if the insurance company objected to the estimated cost required to repair the vehicle.

8. Repairs
If an accident occurs due to third-party errors and claimed responsibility, then the insurance company must pay the damages. Procedures that you need to live the same with the above. However, if the third party is not insured then your insurance company to cover the cost of repairs.

9. Find out the failure of the claim
If the underlying claim was rejected by the insurance company, then find out what caused the failure of the claim by requesting a written statement. If you do not agree with the reasons for such rejection or feel unfairly treated, then do further talks with the insurance.

Author : Yulia Permata Sari
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