Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yup, cool, and caught my eye. She wasn't posing either

Awesome shirt!

A skull for a speed knob... right on!

The outboard gauges set off the cluster really well, and the cluster looks great because it looks like they took an original model T or A piece and used it for the trio of gauges instead of keeping the original things (can't recall what all was in one, a switch, a cylinder speedometer, and an ammeter?)

As club plaques go... this is better thought out and cooler

Test set, Bomb release..... that got my attention

The above International Harvester Metro is the only one I've seen, and it's a cool unique vehicle

The beer keg gas tank is cool, but the military can next to it is a cooler. (wit, I'm full of it)

Full gallery car


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