Friday, September 17, 2010

MODIFIKASI Mobil Sport dengan Mesin Motor Ducati

Ducati has long been known as a manufacturer of motor-powered malignant. But has it ever occurred to embed this Ducati's vicious machine into a car

Is a company called Spartan Motor Company who confidently embed a V-Twin engine taken from the Ducati 1198 to the bonnet behind their new supercar, the Spartans V.

The result, a super-powered car is created by power crazy and charming appearance. With all the advantages and power of the Ducati engine, the Spartans claimed to pamper and bring the rider up to the highest limit of their adrenaline.

"Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a powerful throaty sound from the engine Ducati 1198 V-Twin like roar into life. Feel the thrill your senses when it comes to limit. Focus. Your heart is pounding and your palms started to sweat," wrote the Spartans on the site Their official.

"Going up to 100 km per hour in less than 3 seconds, accelerates your mind and your body take control and you will realize for the first time what it means to be 'united by a car"

Powerful engine of Ducati with a blast of 170 hp at the heart and soul of this car is special. Moreover, these machines combined with super-lightweight construction, low center of gravity and good braking system.

With it all, the Spartans are confident to beat the Ferrari's superiority as well as hundreds of soldiers before the Spartans managed to defeat thousands of enemy soldiers.

Spartan V was designed and developed purely for those who want the ultimate driving experience, Spartan-V has been born and raised as a true roadster with no roof, no doors and only the glass front of the vehicle speed and style.

And unique, just like the name lifted, Spartan, even this car was also produced in limited numbers with only 300 units, equal to the number of troops in a battle of Sparta.

"To honor the brave Spartans who fought many years ago, there were only 300 Spartans V produced in the whole world," wrote the Spartans.

And pull it again, although included in the supercar category, the price of this car was still very affordable and much cheaper when compared to other supercars that cost only AUD 90 000 or approximately USD 756.7 million only.


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