Thursday, August 19, 2010

MODIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz SL 350 | Berpintu Scissor

Mercedes SL350 you see this is not abroad, but in Indonesia. Only, always deh, the owner refused to appear and called his name. German sports sedan was already starting debut and received a touch of class.

Views figure Grand Tourer production in 2009 was the last generation, so graceful and elegant with a sporty feel of the incarnated in the body is colored silver. hang outSLR-style baby is very thick when a pair of Scissor type doors open.

"I want to display unusual. So, I use the Lambo-style doors," which has a call. To change it, a pair of scissors made by the LSD door model (already constructed bolt on) was imported from Germany. So, from hinges to bolt the doors have been adjusted for the construction of SL.

In the body, many Brabus kit attached to give the impression aggressive. Like the bumper also be ordered directly from Germany. If you have a AMG too ordinary wear. If you have Lorinser line is too sharp and weird designs, said the owner.

Pros have a Brabus SL is able to strengthen the character whose body cool become sintel. And still comfortable daily wear. "I'm just adding a thin spoiler lips to make it look more sporty," said the pemlik.

From the body moved to the legs. Selected alloy wheels Project Kahn RS-L 21x size (9.5 +10.5) because its design is capable of making SL a more sexy and appear larger diameter wheels in the wheel room. more primary again, creating a display near-perfect SL350.

For business details, the owner of the car quite observant. To be certain parts of the body protruding given carbon accents, like the fin front, grille, spoiler and diffuser lips. quinine sporty impression even stronger.

To reinforce the sporty look of not just the body, until the interior were carried out. Especially on the steering wheel which replaced a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. The advantage of this steering wheel, sporty design, and redeemed, he said Rp45 million.

Now look even more grim SL.


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