Monday, August 23, 2010


Mazda AZ Wagon from now present their new models. This time it was more practical because it is equipped with a continuously variable transmission with a special emblem XS.

Offered not only practical, but also the fuel consumption of this mini-wagon would have been better around 0.5 km per liter from the previous model, as reported by the official website of Mazda, Monday (23/08/2010).

Mazda AZ Wagon's fuel consumption with a capacity of 660 DOHC VVT engine is claimed to have traveled the manufacturer about 23.5 km to a liter of gasoline.

Thus, front-drive car (FWD), which has also been supported turbocharger is eligible for the program the green cars that get tax incentives in Japan.

AZ Wagon Features at CVT XS is also equipped with features low / high two-stage gear sets, so it can add power at low speeds, and fuel efficient at high speeds.

Especially with the Eco-drive indicator feature, so that when the car is running, the driver can know the range of the most efficient use of fuel.

Eco-drive monitor fuel usage in real-time and the forces acting on the gas pedal, the lights on the dashboard lights up when the car is running with the efficient use of fuel.


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