Monday, August 23, 2010

MODIFIKASI Vauxhall Red Victor 3 | Tenaganya Sampai 3.000 hp

Your car enthusiast power probably will not wait to watch this one. Cars with awesome power 3000 hp!

Patience, patience, yes, this car will be introduced in the VXR Power Festival at the end of August 2010 Northamptonshire this.

Vauxhall car manufacturers will launch their most powerful and fastest model ever, which they call 'Red Victor 3'.

Red Victor 3 nin armed with a capacity of 8.8 liter V8 engine with twin-turbocharged GM is providing a total maximum power that can be produced to reach 3000 HP.

The car was inspired by Vauxhall Victor FD 1967 and is a collaboration between Victor Red VXR and the team that will partners for carpet MSA Pro Modified Drag Racing-2011.

Team builders predict a top speed of Red Victor 3 reaches 386 km per hour, and speed is achieved in about 6.5 seconds.

Just so you know, their last project, namely the Red Victor 2, is able to record the speed performance of nearly 321 km per hour, and the speed of 246 km per hour only be within 4.8 seconds.

"We look forward to working with Andy Frost, the creator of Red Victor and his team next year and see this as a big game for the VXR brand," said Vauxhall Group Product Manager, Stuart Harris, as reported by Topspeed, Monday (08/22/2010)


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